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We Buy Houses Provo Utah

We Buy Houses Utah
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Sell My House Fast In Utah! We Buy Houses As-Is

Sell Your House The Easy Way! Find Out How Our Home Buying Process Works & Get A Fair Market Cash Offer For Your House!

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We Buy Houses! Ready Set Sell My Home specializes in helping homeowners get a fair offer on their house to help them sell Fast for cash! Our team will reach out and make you a competitive offer within 24 hours! Are you looking to sell for top dollar? We also offer Utah homeowners multiple creative selling options! Just fill out the form above!

No Agents. No Fees. No Cleaning. AS-IS. No Repairs Needed. Close ASAP!

Why waste money trying to list your house? You’ll end up paying 6% realtor fees, commissions, cleaning, and valuable time!

Avoid the headache. Get an offer Today!

Sell Your House For Cash To Utah’s #1 home-buying company!

Started asking yourself, “How Can I Sell My House Fast For Cash?” We can help! We Buy Houses As-Is for Cash. No improvements are Needed, and No Agent Commission! Read About How Our Cash Buyers Option Works!

How It Works – Learn How We Buy Houses Fast For Cash

To start, fill out the form above or below! Let us know a little about the home and your current situation. Don’t have time? Shoot us a call at (385)-283-0991.
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How It Works

Asap Cash Offer Process

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Top “We Buy Houses” Companies Near You!

We Buy Houses Cash Regardless Of The Issue! Get Fast Cash

At Ready Set Sell My Home, selling a house shouldn’t be difficult for the owner; it should be quick, effortless, and stress-free for home sellers. We can give you multiple offers suited for your situation if you’re serious about selling your house. The best part is we buy houses straight from you in cash and only buy as-is condition. You will be able to sell the property without needing to complete any updates or improvements. We have even helped owners remove junk or clean the house. As stated earlier, our house buying process is quick and easy. 

Here’s Some Of The Most Common Reasons Why People Sell To Us!

  • Too many improvements are needed!
  • Moving or relocating out of state
  • Avoid Foreclosure
  • Your house wont sell
  • Inherited from a family member
  • Tenants aren’t paying rent.
  • They want to cash out equity
  • Owner is overwhelmed

Fast Way To Sell A House For Cash In UT

How Much Do Cash Buyer Companies Pay For Houses?

We buy houses in UT and throughout the state. Our process is easy, and as a cherry on top, we pay cash and handle all closing costs associated with the property. 

Fill out the response form at the top of the page, or call us at (385)-283-0991.  

  • We’ll Close Within 30 Days or Less
  • We’ll Pay All Closing Costs
  • We’ll Even Help You Relocate If Needed
Cody Kewley founder of Ready Set Sell My home
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We Are Fast Cash Home Buyers

Cash Home Buyers Pros Vs. Cons

Ready Set Sell My Home is another option in the real estate world to sell your home fast. With no expensive broker fees or listing fees. It’s a quick and stress-free close. Please don’t worry about if repairs on the house are needed. We specialize in getting rid of unwanted property. Submit your homes information to us today to get an offer. We made this easy for you; check out the side-by-side process below to compare:

Sell my house fast for cash to Ready Set Sell My HomeListing your house with a real estate agent
We’ll cover house repairs.
Is the house in need of a renovation? No worries, don’t change anything; we’ll handle them.
You can be on the hook for updates.
If the inspection goes sideways and the buyer wants you to fix repairs on the house.
No Buyer Showings – No Work Needed
We’ll purchase a Utah house as-is in UT there is no need for showings, and don’t worry about fixing or cleaning!
Showings and interrupting your life
Get out of your house and get ready to show. I think not. These are a hassle, and showings will severely disrupt your day.
No closing costs.
When we buy houses there are Zero Listing fees. Zero commission. 
We don’t charge fees or a commission; as a matter of fact, with all of our offers we pay ALL costs for you! That’s Free Cash In Your Pocket!
Closing Costs Stack Up.
It’s average to see brokers taking 6% Commission fees and an additional 2% on closing costs from the total purchase price. Which are paid by “you,” the “sellers”. Commission fees and
Choose your sale date.
Advantageous offer within 24 hours.
Because your house is unique, we only need a little information about the property to get started. Close within 2 weeks!
It could take months, and costs add up.
When city houses are listed, the homeowner is still in charge of the costs of the house. Waiting, in some cases, is a slow process and not feasible for most.

Understanding Fees and Closing Costs in the Utah Home Selling Process

How can a real estate cash buyer help eliminate expensive closing cost commissions and broker fees? Here is your local buyer guide to help you save way more money and obtain a fast close process without any unexpected surprises!

How Much Does It Cost To Sell?

Broker Service Fee

Real estate brokers that offers a service to list houses on typically charge homeowners 3-6%.

Title Fee

A Title fee ranges from 2%-5% from the sale. This includes title policies for Utah homes.


Houses with a home-owners-association (HOA) are often charged a $200-$1000 payment upon selling.

Bank Appraisal

The average bank appraisal is roughly $200-$600. This is used for evaluating the current houses value.

Miscellaneous Charges

Photography, Repairs, Liens, Staging, Property Tax, Transfer Tax

Total Selling Expenses For Homeowners

Houses Sale Price: $500,000

Broker Fee: 6% * $500,000 = $30,000

Title: 3% * 500,000 = 15,000

HOA: $500
Appraisal: $500

Total Expenses: ~46,000

Meet our Team at ready set sell my home

Sell A Property Without Agent Commissions – Save Money!

Are you trying to Avoid Foreclosure? Inherited a house and looking to sell your inheritance property? Facing Divorce? Upside down on your Mortgage with late payments? Any house liens? Tired Landlord? Or simply just moving and wanting to sell? Do you live in the property, or maybe you’re renting it out?

Perhaps it’s a vacant house or even inhabitable, and you’re tired of dealing with it. Stress no more; our primary focus is buying houses where we can help owners. Specifically those who need an offer regardless of the condition, close fast, and can tackle any situation.

End all the headaches of selling a house by yourself. The reason why we are faster than agents is that we are the end buyer and make you an offer within 24 hours. Do you want to save money and time, we’re right here!

Sell Your Utah Home Fast For Cash Today 💰

Get A Cash Offer Now!
100% Free & Zero-Obligations

Get Your Offer TODAY! Zero-Commission, Agents, or Fees.

We Buy Houses In Utah – Zero Fees. Any Condition. Easy Process. Get Your Money!

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We Will Pay Cash Any Condition!

Finance Related house issues

Finance Related

  • Financial issues
  • Tired of mortgage payments
  • Homes with late mortgages
  • Property Expenses too high
  • Foreclosure
  • Bank finance issues
  • Pre-foreclosure
Investor house buyers

Investments and Investors

  • Dealing with squatters
  • Stressful rental investments
  • Tenants late on payments
  • Fixed and flipped
  • Tired of Landlording
  • Renovated
  • Selling assets
Family owned houses

Family Owned

  • Homeowners avoiding capital gain taxes
  • Property Inheritance or Inherited
  • Stressful situations
  • Probate
  • Liens
  • Hoarder
  • Tired landlords
General home issues

General House Issues

  • General Home Issues
  • Vacant or Abandoned
  • Years of damage and neglect
  • Age-related issue
  • Bad contractors work
  • Moving out of state
  • Unwanted
  • We’ll buy ugly homes
Property Damage

Extreme Issues

  • Insurance and related issue
  • Water damage / Flooded
  • Medical Bills formed a lien
  • Extensive renovation needed
  • Insurance Claims Filed
  • Foundation problems
  • Hurricane damage
  • Termite Damage
  • Plumbing issues
  • Wind damaged
  • Fire Damage
Homes on MLS

Listed on Utah MLS

  • Listed and stuck
  • Inspection caused buyer’s capital to fall through
  • Buyers Mortgage Approval failed
  • Unfavorable buyer contracts
  • Last Minute buyer back out
  • Ibuyer issues
  • Low Home appraisal

Meet Our Team: Your Local Real Estate Utah House buyers

There are hundreds of homebuyers within UT! Check out our dedicated team and see who helps our manage how we buy homes In UT!

Interested To Learn More About Our Home Buyer Process?

We give you the option to choose your closing date. There are no agents involved, no showings, and no need to clean the house! We are the end buyer, which means we cut out the middleman and all commission! We’ll help you close within 2 weeks!

Trusted Cash Home Buyers in Utah

See what our customer reviews have to say about our company!


Purchased Our Inherited House!

Holy Cow, was I stressing when I inherited a house in Florida. I’ve never dealt with selling inherited property, and Cody’s team bought the property in under a month. Unfortunately, my Grandma, who owned the home, lived in a hoarder house. Ready Set Sell My Home, purchased the house with cash, as-is. I live in California, and this house was on the other side of the state. I signed documents online and had closing documents sent to me; everything was completed remotely. I can’t thank you all enough. Thank you all again for helping my family and me sell our inherited home.
– Dom Bennet

What Do You Have to Lose? Your Local Cash Buyers!

We’ll purchase directly from homeowners for a fair cash price. Sell my home fast for cash and put an end to paying 8% in random selling commissions. 

Cash Home Buyers Utah

We Buy Homes As-Is

At some point, a house needs repairs; don’t fix them; we buy houses as-is. 

No buying agent commissions or Fees

Save your precious dollars; we aren’t working with a brokerage, so don’t worry about paying a sales commission.

No Repairs Needed

You never have to worry about fixing up or cleaning the property. 

Fast Cash Sale

Know right away if we can help! We’ll send you an offer within 24 hours. Avoid waiting to see if a buyer can get a bank’s mortgage approval. 

– We Buy Houses

Compare Your Selling Options Vs. Cash Buyers 

In the process of selling your home fast locally, there are 3 main options offered…

Real Estate Agent

Place your house on the market with a Utah realtor. On average, the day you list to the day of the sale is usually 45-90+ days.

For Sale By Owner

You can sell the house yourself, which is called for sale by the owner (FSBO). You list the house and save some cash but at the cost of your own time and possible risk.

Fast Cash Sale

Sell my house fast for cash with our company Ready Set Sell My Home: When we buy houses we offer zero hassle, no property listing, pick your settlement date, no repairs, and no wasted time. Close within weeks.

Regardless of the house’s condition, age, or if it’s rented out and the tenants won’t leave… don’t stress. We’ll take care of that as well. If you need cash quickly, or maybe you don’t, at least you have the option to schedule a speedy sale.

Cities We Service!

Need Additional Resources

Do you want more information like this? Feel free to check out our other blog topics and blog feeds. Click the button below to learn more!

Are Companies That Buys Houses for Cash in Utah Legit?

Yes! Most “We Buy Houses companies” that purchase homes for cash are a legitimate resource. However, remember that when dealing with a business that promises to purchase your home, ensure they are reputable. It only takes a minute to check a company website, social media background, Google reviews and any other online resource.

If unsure about the company, ask for more details, such as previous customer testimonials and reviews. Testimonials showing details of their experience and working with the homebuyer, any issues that arrived, highlights on if the company is reputable, and how well they kept their promise throughout the transaction.

Common Red Flags to look out for!
There are however companies that buys houses that do bad business; here’s what Utah homeowners should look out for!

  • Benefits offered put the sellers at financial risk!
  • Homebuyer exceeds the projected timeline without communication
  • A Company acting in a non-professional manner
  • Previous reviewers stated the experience horrible
  • Low-rated rankings on website
  • A Company With Zero Credibility

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

Do We Buy Houses companies in Utah make fair Market offers?

Yes! Our company Ready Set Sell My Home offers fair pricing based on the property’s overall condition. If the house needs a ton of repairs, we must consider the damage in the offer. If the house is in great condition, our team will submit an offer based on current market trends and similarly sold properties nearby.

How much do houses go for in Utah?

The average home value in Utah for a single-family house in 2023 is $696,811, up 6.0% over the past year, and the average days on the market until a sale is 53 days a 12.8% increase from last year in 2022.

Are we agents or realtors?

No, although we work with Utah agents occasionally, we work on the professional side of investing in real estate. We provide a solution and offer a timely transaction. The main difference between us and a realtor is we don’t represent the customer; we are a buyer for the customer.

Is it a good time to sell a home in Utah?

Yes, it is a good time to sell a house in Utah! Although the market has slowed down, the number of closed residential home sales within October of 2023 was 2,708, only a -1.0% decrease from last year in October, which totaled 2,734 residential home sales.

How to sell a house in Utah?

There are multiple ways to sell a house in Utah! First, you can List your house with a Utah Real Estate Agent. Secondly, you can list your house For Sale By Owner (FSBO). Lastly, you can sell your house to a home-buying company such as Ready Set Sell My Home.

Why is property so expensive in Utah?

Utah has an expensive property market and is driven by a robust economy, leading job growth, high employment rates, and substantial population growth in the past decade. These factors contribute to a stable market and consistent property appreciation.

Why are investors interested in my house?

Utah Investors might be interested in a specific house because they see valuable potential in the property. Most are looking to negotiate for a house that can be renovated for a reasonable price.

How do I know I’m actually selling my house and able to get my money?

Agents and investors use similar tools to avoid any issue that could go wrong. One tool or service we use for everyone’s advantage is a Utah title company. They are a valuable business that acts as a third-party intermediary to help the homeowners and the buyer. They receive all cash associated with the transaction, complete a timely title search, verify a clean title, and distribute the title and cash once all parties have signed.